GT Philosophy

GT was the first company to build a professional-grade mobile grooming salon. Others have come and gone since we began, but only GT has a reputation for building roomy, comfortable, solid, and sensible salons. We build money-making machines that appeal to business-minded people.

We use to build larger trailers, but we are now only building 5′ x 8′ models.  We’ve determined this is the best size for many, many reasons.

  • Narrow trailers are easier to maneuver.
  • Backing up, parking, and u-turns are easier with narrow trailers.
  • Smaller trailers can be pulled by most SUVs and trucks.
  • Smaller trailers are easier on your truck’s mechanicals.
  • Smaller trailers require less gas to tow.
  • Staying below 10,000 lbs. gross weight limit (trailer and truck) has its perks–with a GT, depending on your primary vehicle, you won’t be required to stop for DOT inspections!
  • Smaller trailers are easier to maintain interior climate.
  • GT successfully wedded the physical facts of a smaller trailer with the everyday reality of wanting a comfortable work environment. GT fabricates all of its fixtures. While most companies purchase pre-determined tubs and cabinets and are forced to shove them into trailers, GT can use every cubic inch for optimal use—resulting in the largest amount of workspace in its class.

For example: Our competitors who are “the cheapest” use big-box store kitchen cabinets and bathroom tubs in their trailers. This forces them to have only three feet of “wingspan” between the tub and the cabinets (if they have cabinets). GT offers five feet!

Another example: Other companies purchase pre-built water tanks for their grooming trailers. GT’s water tanks are custom built to utilize every available inch of space resulting in some of the largest water capacities in the industry—especially for an overall smaller trailer shell. This means that GT offers more space in a smaller trailer.

Only GT has been able to make form and function harmonize. For example, most other smaller trailers have nothing to the right of the table–just a blank wall. If they do have an area for tools, then the cabinets impede traffic through the door. GT is different on purpose!

Climate control is crucial for mobile grooming. A smaller trailer allows entrepreneurs to manage climate easily because it requires less energy to cool and heat the salon. Our air conditioners provide up to four times as many BTUs per cubic foot of cooling power as most other grooming trailers.