Our standard mobile pet grooming trailers are 5 x 8 feet. Our experience has shown that larger units, although at first may seem luxurious, become more of a burden in the long run. Reasons are:

Larger trailers are heavy and put your primary vehicle through more wear and tear than is necessary. Brake jobs can be expensive, not to mention the gasoline.

Another aspect of trailer weight is called the “tongue weight”. This is the weight pushing down on the hitch of your primary vehicle. Our design allows more vehicles to safely pull our mobile grooming salons.

Larger trailers are not as maneuverable. Parking or making those inevitable u-turns is much easier in a GT dog grooming trailer.

In snow, your trailer wheels share the same tracks as your truck.

Easier driving (you can see past the trailer with side mirrors – can’t with 6×10).

Maintaining a clean dog grooming salon is very important to your business success. A smaller dimensional footprint is quicker to clean between clients than a larger salon.

Our trailers require only one axle. This makes maintenance much cheaper than a double-axle grooming trailer, cutting costs for your mobile grooming business.

Standard Configuration (approximate, not exact, measurements)

Overall Length 11′-10″
Overall Width 6′-11″
Overall Height (not including AC) 8′-3″
Overall Height (with AC) 9′-4″
Interior Box Length 8′-5″
Interior Width 4′-8″
Interior Height (directly under AC) 6′-4″
Side Door Width 24″
Hitch Weight (no generator) 220 lbs.
Hitch Height 16″
Ball Size 2″
Platform Height 18″
Dry Weight (no generator) 2,240 lbs.
Full Water Weight (no generator) 2,680 lbs.
Hitch Plug 7-way RV standard/charge wire
Tires ST205/75R15
Wheels 5 bolt