• Upgraded aluminum wheels. Aluminum wheel caps and upgraded lug nuts. With this option, we also swap the standard 6-ply tires for nitro-filled 8-ply tires. Both tires are balanced. If you choose to purchase a spare, it will consist of the standard steel spare wheel and tire.  $390

 Electric jack. The electric jack assists in connecting and disconnecting your trailer. The electric jack also has a light.  $340

• Clipper Vac® Tote and combs. We even include two sets of combs with your Clipper Vac to make sure you are ready to go. (GT is not a distributor of this item so it may be cheaper to purchase direct.)  $910

• Full-size spare steel wheel / 6-ply tire. $150

• Generators are no longer an option. We have built hundreds of mobile grooming trailers, and we have had lots of experience with various means of powering mobile salons. Our design is the culmination of years of experience, dealing with generator companies, talking with past customers, and an obsession with building the smartest salons on the market.

Therefore, every GT is built as a “plug-in” trailer. That means that most of the power needed to run the trailer is provided by an extension cord plugged into your customers’ homes (a few items are powered by your on-board battery that is automatically charged by your primary vehicle).

IF YOU CHOOSE to add a generator, we pre-wire the unit for a generator with a standard RV-style 30-amp twist lock on the front of the trailer. (The GT draws a total of 30 amps when the air conditioning, lights, and dryer are on at the same time.) The cheapest and easiest way to use a generator is to simply use a cheap portable generator and mount it in the back of a pickup truck, and then run a cord from the generator to the trailer–lots of options in this regard, and we’re happy to discuss them with you.