GT Limited Warranty

The conversion of the trailer, conversion materials and workmanship, is covered for one year from the date of completion. Warranty is not transferable.
GT is not responsible for claims relating to the following: (1) defacing: scratches, dents, chips, tears, and defacing on any surface not caused by GT; (2) a reasonable allowance of hairline scratches on metal items that result from the fabrication process; (3) routine maintenance; (4) damage from unauthorized repairs, abuse, misuse, or neglect; (5) damage caused by improper towing; (6) component parts covered by separate supplier warranties such as warranties offered by manufacturer of dryers, ACs, converters, generators, fans, etc.  Such warranty claims must be presented to their respective component manufacturer for warranty service. GT reserves the right for final determination whether or not the product has been abused or misused by the purchaser. GT is not obligated to compensate purchasers for lost wages that result from a salon’s defect, malfunction, misuse, downtime, or any other reason. GT is not responsible for any commercial loss of any kind that results from the loss of use of a salon.
GT’s Obligation:
GT shall elect to remedy defects in materials and workmanship caused by GT by repair, replacement or refund. All defective products shall be delivered to GT unless prior written approval is obtained from GT.  GT may, as its option, select a different qualified location for repairs to be completed.   GT is not obligated in any way to pay for any repairs made without specific approval.
Purchaser’s Obligation:
Purchaser must pay all service, towing, and transportation charges incurred to obtain warranty service. All costs incurred in shipping or delivering products for warranty service is purchaser’s responsibility. Purchaser must notify GT of any potential claim within a reasonable amount of time so that GT and purchaser are able to mitigate damage to salon.