About a dozen trailer colors to choose from.

 All salons now have smooth exterior and interior walls (no screws).

Our standard grooming trailer is a “shor-line” design.  That means the electricity needed to run some of your items is found by plugging an extension cord into your customer’s home. We no longer offer generators for many reasons, and most of our customers prefer this design because it saves several thousand dollars each year in fuel, oil, and maintenance. It is also a “quiet” and “vibration free” design that works well for a mobile grooming business.

Our bathing center is an exclusive 16-gauge GT design. Fabricating our own pieces allows us to create the design we want, which maximizes every inch in and around the unit for optimal use. We don’t buy tubs from other vendors–we build them ourselves. Our dirty towel bin and shelving are designed into the bathing center to make the best use of space and our tub rack is our own stainless steel design as well. The steel we use to build our bathing center is twice as thick as most grooming tubs, is fully welded, and requires no caulk to attract mildew. When shopping, ask who builds their tubs. Ask what gauge it is. Ask if the tub requires caulk for water-tightness!

The pump and sprayer combination is so strong, it doesn’t wash dogs from the top down; it washes from the skin up. When high pressure water is against the pet’s skin, dirt and grime is literally lifted out of the coat.

Electric brakes are installed on every GT.

 Electric fan in ceiling to vent humidity.

Our side-door is made specifically for GT and is 26” across.  It has an upgraded latch and superior hinges. The door is insulated just like the rest of the trailer and is available in any grooming trailer color.

With the GT grooming trailer, there is no more guessing how much water is in your tank. Our grooming trailers have a window below the tub to show how much water is remaining in your 55-gallon tank. The intake port for your fresh water tank is mounted on the exterior of your trailer. Some conversions require you to fill your tanks by opening the rear doors which can become a real mess if you overflow your tanks when filling, but our design allows you to accomplish your daily routine without ever needing to access the mechanical compartment. When shopping, ask how the tanks are filled and what happens if you overflow them. Ask how you would know what your water level is. Ask if their advertised trailer weight includes the water weight (8 Lbs. per gallon) to make the trailer seem lighter than what your truck would actually be towing.

grooming-trailer-space GT grooming trailers are built more like commercial kitchens than typical grooming trailers or vans. Only stainless steel offers the durability and cleanliness that mobile grooming demands. As metal fabricators, GT has the ability to offer more custom metal work into each grooming trailer. No other grooming conversion company can match the quality and abundance of professional metal fabrication like GT. When shopping, ask if the tub is “waterproofed” by using silver caulk (which is a way to hide the fact that the steel is too thin to weld for a watertight seal) or if it is fully welded. Ask if their tub rack is plastic or stainless steel. Ask if the mechanical compartment is “framed” with lumber.

We include plenty of built-in storage for towels, clippers, and everything else you need to run a successful business. When shopping, ask if the storage compartments are made out of wood or any other kind of fiberboard. Ask if it can rot if exposed to water. Look to see if the tool area is on the correct side of the table.

 Highest quality roof-top air conditioner.  When shopping, ask if the air conditioner is an “apartment window” air conditioner.

Every GT has enough shelving over the tub to hold eight full-size gallon bottles of shampoo. There is a toolbox that is removable for easy cleaning or employee rotation, and the upper storage area has lots of room that can be used in many ways.*NOTE*

Our trailers allow you to easily park, turn, and reverse with no problem. Even a six-foot wide trailer impedes the view from your side mirrors and will not allow you to park your truck close to a curb. After several years of building larger trailers, we have “cracked the code” on how to include so much into a smaller space. The workspace in the GT grooming trailer is the same size as a van and even larger than some trailers that have larger exterior dimensions! We can accomplish this by 1) Building our own equipment cache which saves approximately one foot of length in the front, and 2) being able to push our GT bathing center all the way back towards the rear by utilizing the space under the tub saving an additional one and a half feet of length. Only GT does this because we fabricate our own pieces. If GT were like almost every other trailer converter, we would probably be forced to use a larger trailer as well. Our experience and our expertise are what set us apart.

GT grooming trailers are built BY groomers FOR groomers. Everything is thought out. Our design is unlike ever other design BECAUSE IT WORKS. Examples: You won’t need a “tub ramp” because our hydraulic table lifts the dogs within one foot of the tub. The grooming station is at the right side of the table (not the left, not behind you, or non-existent). The shampoo bottles are where you need them–over the tub (not in a cabinet). These examples are nearly endless, but the point is made.

We don’t install wooden cabinets like most trailer and van conversion companies. Our main conversion items are all fabricated from stainless steel. We don’t add any wood, vinyl, or fiberglass in our conversions; only anti-corrosive materials. Mobile groomers need salons that are built to last and only GT includes so much stainless steel. In fact, every decision GT makes is deliberately made to create the most durable, rot-resistant grooming trailers in the industry. When shopping, ask if they order the “shell” of the trailer with cabinets; just like you could. Ask if they purchase their cabinets from a hardware store; just like you could.*NOTE*

 Screwless aluminum interior walls and ceiling.

 11 lb. propane tank mounted on tongue, and an extra tank to keep at home.

grooming-trailer-design All floor seams are completely sealed to keep sub floors from rotting. We spray $1,000 of eurethane into each salon–we even waterproof the mechanical compartment. GT goes the extra mile by undercoating the entire trailer as well. When shopping, ask if the trailer is undercoated. Ask if the mechanical compartment is waterproof. Ask specifically what product is used to protect the floor. Ask if hairline cracks will occur where the “tub” or “cabinet” meets the walls.

 Our mechanical compartment is unique to the industry because it is the most efficiently built system in the business.  Custom formed water tanks combined with GT metal fabrication allows the mechanical compartment to be about half the size of our competition’s–which is one way GT provides so much usable workspace in a smaller trailer! We hard-plumb water lines; we don’t use flexi-pipe. When shopping, ask if the trailer is built with easy access to all utilities through the back or similarly convenient area. Also ask if they include a gray tank with the standard price.

We are now using Groomers Choice grooming tables. They are ideal for mobile applications because they don’t swivel and have a very sturdy base. The top is a standard 24″ by 36″.

Our unique grooming station eliminates one of the most annoying tools in the industry, the grooming arm. Our design has a tether system built into the backsplash behind the hydraulic grooming table. This allows infinite positions for the tether, saves time in having to continuously adjust the arm and is much sturdier. Experienced mobile groomers know how the backsplash can be a very abused area. Debris and hair from blowing off a dog can really grime it up. When shopping, ask if they have a backsplash. Ask if a window is placed behind the table as a backsplash. Ask if equipment cubbies are placed in the “line of fire” from drying a dog.

Keeping within RV standards, our trailers can be easily repaired by any reputable RV service center in the country. We use only proven plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. For example, our hot water heater is mounted on the side of our trailer because heaters mounted on the front of a trailer (like some cheaper converters) may blow out during travel. Keeping with standards is one way GT builds its trailers to last. We use standard proven rapid recovery propane water heaters, solid plumbing, and protected electrical systems. When shopping, ask if they even have a propane hot water heater. Ask how long their water heating “system” takes to heat the water. Ask if the water heater can “heat the water” while you are driving–so you have a hot tank ready to work for you upon arriving at a customer’s home.

High-velocity dryer.

Diamond plate front stone guard.

Insulated walls, doors, and ceiling. The roof is reflective aluminum, which is ideal for summer. One “Achilles heel” for grooming vans is its inability to maintain a comfortable temperature. Trailers are much easier to manage temperature and the insulation we add helps even more. When shopping, ask if having an over-sized trailer is worth having a more difficult time managing temperature.

Our custom fabricated equipment cache includes a high-velocity dryer, vacuum system, removable toolbox, towel bin, trash receptacle, and a unique shelf that is every mobile groomer’s dream. With recessed ports, you clippers and other essential tools are perfectly accessible. With GT, there is no need to purchase additional storage totes and “set them up” before each grooming. We build our cache so all of your essential tools are already right where they should be; at the right hand of the groomer. We even pad the canisters and grooming ledge to protect your equipment. When shopping, ask where you will store all of your tools. Ask if any additional cases should be purchased to protect them. Ask if there is any “set up” before each grooming appointment.

LED interior and exterior lights.

Two roof vents and 16′ of LED tube lighting.

We install a 30-inch horizontal window. Experience has taught us to keep the windows to a minimum. The reason is because either the client or neighborhood children find it irresistible to stand outside the window and watch. An audience slows down the grooming process because the dog does not stand still. Keep in mind that mobile grooming is a business and time is money! We have included fluorescent lighting as well as skylights, which keep the trailer illuminated any time of day or night.

We upgrade the draw bars (trailer tongue) to 1/4″ thick steel tubes to accommodate any future customization.

You can literally start grooming the day you receive your trailer! All you need to supply are your personal effects like towels, clippers, loops, cord, etc. If you prefer, GT can supply any grooming items you might need.

NOTE: Every year GT refines its design.  The cabinets are now slightly different than what these pictures depict.  They are lighter, less bulky, yet still offer ample room for storage and for mounting items.  

Salons no longer include radios.  In the past, because of the conditions of working grooming salons, we installed under-the-cabinet styled radios.  With the popularity of ipods and an infinite number of sound system preferences, we are leaving enough room in the trailer for customers to install their own system.  Of course, we make sure that there is an electrical outlet positioned for any device.

“Clipper Vacs” are optional and sold through the Clipper Vac company.