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Every design detail is deliberate, and our grooming trailers harmonize the features professional pet groomers want with the efficiency businesspeople need.

Several people now build mobile grooming trailers. Most of them are indistinguishable from the others because they’re built as cheaply as possible. They’re designed the same, they’re built the same, and they’re intended for hobbyists who haven’t learned the importance of owning an engineered and intelligently created pet grooming salon. Some groomers simply want a cheap salon and its associated problems (see important note at bottom). Some people want something different, something GT.

•  GT is different  •

Please look around this website, and feel free to contact us about anything. Note our our attention to simplicity and comfort, our obsession with providing as much workspace in a business-sized trailer as possible, and our commitment to provide you an asset that will continue to help you make money for many years.


–  Sleek, simple, GT –