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We’re GT Grooming Salons, and we’re committed to providing top-of-the-line pet grooming trailers and solutions for professional groomers. Please review our products and notice our obsession with quality, commitment to exceptional ergonomics, and design elegance.


Clearly, you are a man of your word when you speak about the quality of your work. Thank you for putting out great quality!” -Richard Druce. Scottsdale, Arizona

GT is different. We don’t try to build the cheapest products; we build the best products. We were the first company to produce a professional-grade grooming trailer, and we continue to lead the industry and provide the comparative standard for excellence in craftsmanship and service.

There’s no shortage of people who now convert trailers for pet grooming, and what they have in common is an obvious desire to be the cheapest. Conversely, our quality shines, and GT is the only brand that cannot be mistaken for another.

We love what we do. Our love for our product is proved by our own time-tested loyalty to our original mission: to produce the best grooming trailer for smart businesspeople. We’re loyal to our design! Some examples: We don’t “compete” with our often-copied floor plan by offering opposing designs, we stick to our principled stance on ensuring a large workspace in a smaller overall trailer dimension, and we aren’t willing to customize units in a way that hinders the purpose of a purpose-built salon. In other words, we don’t take every girl to the prom, and our fidelity to the GT model – as compared to the competitions’ willingness to build anything for anyone and in any way – testifies to our obsession with quality.


This trailer is so damn efficient! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!” -Alissa, Dirty Pup Patrol. (Second GT Trailer upgraded from a Hanvey™ Van) Redondo Beach, California

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency and comfort in a working environment. GT’s inception over a decade ago was a real game-changer. We were (and still are) the first builder who was able to produce a realistic sized trailer and ensure that there was just as much workspace as larger trailers. We’re able to do this because we’re Groom Engineers.

“Mobile” relates to the size of the trailer. It’s easy to convert large trailers; that’s why the competition does it. We make simplicity look easy. Our business-sized salons can be towed by most small SUVs, are easier for the driver to tow, and are more practical than hauling around a larger trailer with no more actual workspace than a GT. Our design is easier on your fuel consumption, your engine, your transmission, and your brakes. Our design doesn’t require an outrageously large and heavy generator to keep up with the wasted space found in every other brand. Only GT considers the groomer’s driving comfort.

“Grooming” relates to the interior of the trailer. A thought-out workstation is purposefully designed. Our designs ensure groomer comfort; we don’t do things that are counter-productive simply to appeal to groomers who haven’t familiarized themselves with mobile grooming (such as placing windows behind tables, curtains, cabinets inside the bathing center, enamoring people with bizarre photos of absurdly-designed “mechanical areas”, etc.).

Our trailers have six feet of lateral workspace in front of the table — from the face of the tub to the wall; almost twice as much square feet as our closest competitor’s (in size) 5’x8’ model. We consider groomer comfort and efficiency with every design detail. Examples include window placement (easy to see out of but people cannot easily see in to disturb the groomer), dryer placement (on the right side of the groomer), how equipment is installed (off the floor for easy cleaning), integrated clean and dirty towel bins, easily accessible storage locations for clippers with electrical outlets placed just right, the ability to easily remove the tool caddy, etc.

The examples are numerous, and they’re only achieved when a commitment to exceptional ergonomics is obvious.


“Everything about the mechanics, structure, and design of this salon is GENIUS! Thank you, Pat!” -Cari, K9 Clips and Design. Laporte, Colorado

Elegance is the quality of being graceful, pleasingly ingenious and simple. The eye can detect good architecture, the ear can detect good music, and a good engineer is able to evaluate a design by its elegance.

Form and function intersect at GT Grooming Salons, and our designs will never be confused with a brand that’s more interested in production costs than providing a long-lasting and comfortable grooming trailer. Our salons are built more like commercial kitchens than the kitchen cabinet display at the local hardware store. Our plumbing and electrical designs are beautiful, you won’t notice any “hoses” or “tubes” draped in front of the groomer’s work area, and the workstation is organized so groomers don’t need to “set up” when they arrive at a customer’s home. Everything is sleek, everything is simple, everything is GT.

– Sleek, simple, GT –