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SAVE a fortune by NOT purchasing a franchise!

Did you know you could spend AT LEAST $60,000 for a tiny trailer that does not work well (at all!) in hot or cold climates by purchasing a franchise? Such trailers aren’t even designed to let you work without killing … Continue reading

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-5 Degrees and No Freezing!

Temperatures swing from freezing to over 100 degrees here in Denver, Colorado. It dipped to -5 degrees last night, but our own GT Grooming Trailer didn’t freeze up. That’s because, well, it’s a GT! Lesser trailers aren’t designed like GT. … Continue reading

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“Why Pay More?”

One of our “competitors” (I can’t really tell a difference between most of them) builds cheap grooming trailers for hobbyists and folks who aren’t able to see through a slogan. Their old slogan was, “Why pay more?” The rhetorical question … Continue reading

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How to Destroy a Grooming Trailer

Well, its destruction might already be certain before you even purchase it! There are two major flaws that destroy trailers, and most grooming trailers have both of them. What are they? (I’m going to tell you!) 1) A poorly designed … Continue reading

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The Truth about Trailer SIZE

The sales pitch is, “Larger trailers are spacious!” Wrong.

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How to Build a Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer

[INDUSTRY SECRETS REVEALED!] How to build a mobile grooming trailer:

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The Truth about Trailer Windows

One of the easiest ways to spot a mobile grooming salon that was built by somebody who DOESN’T know what he’s doing is to simply look at the window arrangement. As you shop, you might find conversion companies that pretend … Continue reading

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