Generator Package #2 (7,000 watt Honda)

Tongue mounted, super quiet 7,000 watt Honda gasoline generator package

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.19.00 PMThis is the most powerful generator package we offer. Because of the generator’s size we lengthen the tongue of the trailer about one foot, and we install a more powerful air conditioner. We even build an “invisible locking feature” to help prevent theft! In case you would like a weight distribution hitch at any time in the future, we pre-configure the trailer frame with permanently welded (not bolted!) brackets (standard!). If you would like a distribution hitch we are happy to help.

You will be able to operate all of your equipment at the same time, and you will have the famously super-quiet experience Honda is known for (60 decibels).Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.20.01 PM

We mount the generator low on the tongue. We wire your GT to accommodate either generator or shoreline power (plugging into an electrical outlet). We also wire the generator to automatically re-charge your trailer’s 12-volt system (which is also maintained by your primary vehicle).

“Pros & Cons” of this generator package:


  • This generator is famously quiet.
  • You have more than enough power to run your upgraded air conditioner and dryer at the same time.
  • You can groom pretty much anywhere (condominiums, apartments, parks, etc.)
  • Because of the extra power we install a more powerful (13,500 BTU) air conditioner.


  • You get between 6.5 and 18 hours of use (depending on load) until you need to fill up the gas tank.
  • You need to maintain it.
  • You will feel a little bit of vibration.
  • This package will add about one foot to the length of the trailer tongue and add extra weight to your hitch. The tongue weight is about 500 lbs., so you will need a large truck or a weight distribution hitch, which will bring the weight down to about 300 lbs! (We don’t need to do anything to your vehicle). We can supply the hitch for $590.

If you choose not to select a generator package, you can easily add one later. We pre-wire the salon and beef up the framing to accommodate your own tongue-mounted generator in the future. All non-generator GTs will have a 9,200 BTU air conditioner.