Generator Package #1 (4,750 Watt Champion)

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.59.25 PM.png

Tongue mounted, 4,750 watt Champion – Cabela gasoline generator package

This package offers more than enough power to operate the GT; lights, AC, and dryer simultaneously even at high altitude. We mount the generator on the tongue over the propane bottle. We fabricate and powder coat our own racks that fit everything perfectly. With approval from the generator manufacturer to maintain the warranty, we slightly modify the exhaust and engine angle for best performance on a trailer. We wire your GT to accommodate either generator or shoreline power (plugging into an electrical outlet). We also wire the generator to automatically re-charge your trailer’s 12-volt system (which is also maintained by your primary vehicle).

“Pros & Cons” of this generator package:


  • You’ll have more than enough power to run all of your equipment at the same time. If you don’t use the generator you will not be able to run the air conditioner and the dryer simultaneously.
  • All-weather model and design! (No “box” needed, which would void the warranty.)
  • You can groom pretty much anywhere (condominiums, apartments, parks, etc.)


  • You get about ten hours of use until you need to fill up the gas tank.
  • You need to maintain it.
  • It is louder than the Honda generators (68 decibels).

What most GT customers do is use the generator on really hot days when they need to have the air conditioner on non-stop or when they have no means of plugging into a customer’s home. Their primary source of power is by shor-line (an extension cord connected to their customer’s home).

If you choose not to select a generator package, you can easily add one later. We pre-wire the salon and beef up the framing to accommodate your own tongue-mounted generator in the future.