Purchase Process

You can request our current pricing structure here.

Before we begin work on your GT grooming trailer, we will need a signed purchase agreement and the first payment. We require 70% up front, 20% at one month, and the final 10% at completion. Funds must be secured before we release the salon.

If you use a third party lender, we require the same payment stream, and all funds must be secure before we release the salon.

GT Grooming Salons typically completes builds in 70-80 days, but we ask for 90 days. Some builds might take longer if our shell manufacturer runs behind schedule (usually only around the holidays). After hundreds of builds we have never needed more than 90 days to complete a salon.

The longest part of the build is the manufacturing of the shell, and GT cannot speed up the manufacturer’s process; and GT’s delivery date is dependent on the manufacturer. Therefore, if the manufacturer is running behind, it will effect GT’s schedule and GT is not responsible for that delay. 

Your trailer will be presented with title in your name and a temporary tag.