GT Bath Buddy™

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Works in ANY Salon!

Mobile groomers certainly don’t need high pressure recirculating pet bathing systems, but some groomers love them.

If you’re a groomer who enjoys recirculators, the GT Bath Buddy Deep Cleansing System is a real beauty! It’s engineered to work perfectly in the GT Trailer, but it can be safely used in any other grooming salon.

little buddy What Is the GT Bath Buddy?

The GT Bath Buddy is a dog washing system designed to help pet groomers save water, save shampoo, save time, and make money! Just like a dishwasher or washing machine, the Bath Buddy uses high pressure and high volume soapy water to lift out dirt, grime, and dead hair better and faster than hand scrubbing. Then, a rinse cycle flushes the dirty water down the drain.

– This isn’t just another recirculator; it’s a GT –

Super-safe GFCI (ground fault interrupter) (SEE NOTE)
Super-safe wireless air switch; just press to turn on and off
Completely waterproof
Electrical box easily mounts to walls for safety and tidiness
One-piece stainless steel filter (Screen-less & no seams to catch gunk!)
No tools needed to remove and clean the filter
Soft base to protect your tub (No metal bolts)
High pressure and deep cleansing spray
Soft non-neoprene high-volume hose
Up to hundreds of dollars cheaper than the competition*

little buddy Mobile Grooming Benefits

  • Saves time (Saves you money)
  • Saves shampoo (Saves you money)
  • Uses less water than hand-washing (Ideal for mobile grooming)
  • Uses less hot water than hand-washing (Ideal for mobile grooming)
  • Saves propane (Saves you money)
  • High pressure “water fingers” saves your hands!
  • Allows you to accept customers you might not normally accept! (Makes you money!)

little buddy Safety Features

  • Built-in GFCI; no electric shocks! (If purchased with a GT, GFCI is in trailer)
  • Electrical box mounts to walls; no tripping over cords!
  • Wireless “air switch”; no contact with an electrical switch!
  • Almost impossible to tip over (low spray hose insertion point)
  • UL-listed parts

how to build your own recirculating bathing system for dogsrecirculator bathers for groomers

little buddy Note:

If purchased with a trailer then the bather will utilize the trailer’s built-in GFCI, and is intended to be a piece of permanent equipment. NEVER use a bather with an unprotected electrical outlet. If purchased separately from a GT then the bather will have it’s own GFCI built into the product.

little buddy Important Links

  • Bathing Instructions (coming soon)
  • Cleaning Instructions (coming soon)


* Hanvey Bathing Beauty ™ : $599 as advertised on Hanvey website 03/07/17
* Oster Power Bather ™ : $699.99 as advertised on Oster website 03/07/17

– Sleek, simple, GT