I absolutely LOVE my GT Grooming Salon! I am SO glad I made the leap and invested in this trailer! It has been nothing less than a beautiful thing for me and my business! Everything about the mechanics, structure, and design of this salon is GENIUS! Thank you, Pat!
-Cari, K9 Clips and Design. Laporte, Colorado

[Alissa sold her first GT so she could “upgrade” to an $90,000 Hanvey Grooming Van. She quickly learned that “expensive” doesn’t mean “upgraded”, so she sold her Hanvey Van and purchased her second GT.] This trailer is so damn efficient. Just wanted to say THANK YOU, still loving it like crazy!
-Alissa, Dirty Pup Patrol. (Second GT Trailer) Redondo Beach, California

When we were denied the territory we wanted to purchase a local franchise system, we found GT. Choosing GT Grooming Salons was the best business decision we made. I can’t express how grateful we are for your constant and unwavering support in helping us learn about the industry and getting our business up off the ground. We can’t thank you enough for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
-Tim and Cynthia, Dippity Dog. Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I’ve had my GT for seven years now and I still love it! All my mobile grooming friends are always complaining about their vans and giant trailers breaking down for days or even weeks sometimes. I’m so glad I chose GT! Thanks, Pat!
-Jill, Dig Grooming. Seattle, Washington

The GT grooming trailer is a “little jewel”.
-Curtis Hanvey jr., Owner of Hanvey Specialty Engineering (now Hanvey Engineering & Design)

I have the perfect set up. It is great, and I am enjoying everything! I feel like I have made some good friends. Thank you for being such a special young man and helping me realize my goal.
-Donna, Paw Dazzle. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Not all grooming trailers are created equal, as anyone who has researched this very specialized niche will know. I started my research into various companies about a year ago and came to choose Pat, the owner of GT Grooming Salons, after reading his numerous testimonials, scouring his very professional and detailed website, realizing how much thought and integrity he had put into the design, and then finally speaking with him and being so happy to discover he is as kind and genuine as he is talented.  It is compact, there is no wasted space, and every detail has been thought of. No doubt part of this comes from Pat being a groomer himself. He has not missed or left out any aspect of what makes a perfectly functional and dependable grooming trailer. He kept me posted at every milestone of his progress as he built it, he sent me photos, he integrated one personal idea I had without qualms, and when it arrived it was everything I hoped it would be and more, like a dream had just come true. Anyone/everyone is welcome to contact me for a personal reference regarding Pat and what I think is an outstanding product. I have been MOBILE grooming for 18 years and believe me, I have learned over the years what it takes to have a dependable and well made mobile trailer like GT Grooming Salons, and this is it.  I’ve had no down time caused by the trailer.
-Darla’s Little Rascals. North Carolina. 

I think we have been running the trailer for almost five years now with no major problems, just normal maintenance. Your overall design is solid and I have personally worked the hell out of this trailer. We are averaging about 1,400 grooms a year with no down time caused by the trailer.
-Aaron, The Royal Pet Spa. Orange county, California

I love my trailer. I purchased it less than a year ago from Pat and he had the groomer in mind when he built it. When I’ve run into questions he was more than ready and able to help. I wouldn’t have purchased a grooming trailer anywhere else.
-Heidi, Kutz Fur Mutts. Parker, Colorado

I groomed my first 3 dogs this week, a Malamute, a Golden, and a bull of a German Shepherd–the salon is better than I could have ever imagined!
-Kelli Humphrey, Bomoseen, Vermont

My wife and I were starting a new business, and felt like we were taking a risk to invest in our dream. Working with Patrick has helped ease that worry because he was attentive, trustworthy and capable from the beginning to the end. His impeccable customer service has remained, even after the delivery of the product. He takes pride in his work and that shows in the end product. We highly recommend Patrick and will use him again in the future as our business grows!
-Matt, Emily’s Wags and Whiskers. Aurora, Colorado

My new GT Grooming Salon has turned out to be the best decision I have made. Not only has the trailer lived up to the advertising, it is a customer magnet! The quality and design layout make the GT trailer a very good buy. The overall size is just right, not too big yet the interior feels spacious. The restraining system against the wall works better than the arm type that I have trained on. Pat, the company owner, continues to give better service than I expect. He also delivered it 2 weeks earlier than promised.
-Steve, Bow Wow Wow Mobile Pet Grooming. Cerritos, California

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for such a superb product. Thanks for the wonderful customer service and for making my dreams come true!
-Catherine, Rub A Dub Luv. Fountain, Colorado

I hope we stay in touch over the coming years, as friends and as business associates. I’ve enjoyed the process.
-Valerie, Pet Club Pro™. Port Charlotte, Florida

Thank you for everything! The service you provide is fantastic! The grooming salon is everything you said it would be and it works GREAT! Thank you so much.
-Eric, Cool’s Professional Dog Grooming. Leeton, Missouri

Thanks for the great, solid fabulous grooming salon! You do great work!
-Heather, Golden, CO

I love my trailer!! It is so awesome!!!!!! I get compliments all the time. Yesterday seven people stopped me for info, so it was a great day! Thanks.
-Janet, Poshdawgs. Georgia

What can I say, Patrick, you are such a cool guy and run such a top notch business that we are more than happy to be associated with! Thanks so much for going the extra mile.
-Brenda, Sweetbrier Patch. Kingston, Washington

Things are going great, I couldn’t have imagined things taking off so quickly. I have been making about $7,500-$8,000 a month. I absolutely love your trailer, I couldn’t be more pleased with choosing GT. I hope all is well with you and your wife.
-Jillian, Pawsh Spa. Surprise, Arizona

I love love loooove my business and trailer!
-Alissa, Dirty Pup Patrol. (First GT Trailer) Redondo Beach, California

We appreciate all the support and help you have given us by going beyond the call of duty. You guys are the best.
-Cindy, Traveling Tails Pet Spaw. Edwardsville, Illinois

We are excited. One dog owner asked, “Who did the marketing? You are in the wrong business, you should be in advertising!” We cannot thank you enough for all of your help. We will succeed at this I know, your input has been very helpful. We are so pleased.
-Rick and Marsha, Dog-Gone Good Looking. Santa Maria, California

GT Grooming Salons exceeded my expectations. Patrick is a dream to deal with! Can’t go wrong with GT!!
-Anita, Happy Trails To You Mobile Dog Grooming. Mustang, Oklahoma

Everything is going great! I love the trailer and so do my clients. Thank you.
-Niky, Suds Up Mobile Pet Grooming. San Clemente, California

Thank you, we truly appreciate your complete service style. Thank you again for all of your assistance in getting us launched in this new undertaking.
-Chuck, Sweetbrier Patch. Kingston, Washington

Thank you very much, these are very exciting times!
-Elise, Groom On The Go. Tucson, Arizona

Thanks again for all of your and Kim’s help. You guys both went above and beyond to help us get The Royal Pet Spa going.
-Aaron, The Royal Pet Spa. Orange County, California

GT Grooming Salons are GREAT! Patrick has created a wonderful product. Purchasing a GT was the best decision I ever made.
-Megan, Megan Goes Mobile, LLC. Morgantown, West Virginia

Just wanted to say thanks, the trailer is working great. We have been booked since we opened! We love it.
-Shayna, Zoom-n-Groom. Los Alamos, New Mexico

I have already met all my goals. Thank you for building such an easy to use space, it’s super easy to clean. It really is a testament to having such a great space to work in and show off to my clients.
-Tasha, Lead Dog Mobile Grooming. Colorado Springs, Colorado

The trailer–compared to my old franchise trailer, IT IS GREAT, I LOVE IT!!!!! You do spectacular work. Everything is PERFECT!
-Eyvonne, Talking Dogs Mobile Grooming. Henderson, Nevada

Thank you for all your hard work. We love the trailer, it couldn’t be nicer!
-Matt and Deb, Barking Beauties Mobile Grooming. Laguna Hills, California

[Testimonial after a few years] Hi! Patrick; I hope everything is going well for you. I apologize but, I figured you know, I should really try this baby out first before I let you know what I think. So I did. I think you’ll be happy with everything that I have to say.  From the moment that I saw it, I was totally impressed with the overall appearance inside and out, and the roominess of the interior is amazing. My customers are always impressed over the amount of room that I have inside my salon and the women always comment “it’s so cute”. As for the layout, Pat from GT has the floor plan laid out perfectly and all of your grooming equipment is easily accessible. As for the equipment, everything is top notch, from the generator to the dryer everything works wonderfully. Moreover, the GT salon is so easy to keep clean. After a hard day of grooming, I empty the clipper vac, shop vac, trash can, wipe out the tub, wipe down the back splash and the floor and the salon is ready to go the next day. My clients are always complementing me on my cleanliness, which I believe is very important. As for the exterior I wash it with turtle wax Ice car wash which keeps it looking great. In addition, because of it’s size the salon is easily maneuverable in traffic and when backing into a client’s driveway. In my opinion, Kudos to Pat and Kim for creating and offering an outstanding salon for our furry friends to be pampered and a gold mine for us who are willing to give our services to them. We love the trailer, it couldn’t be nicer!
-Jerry Sloniker, Suds On The Run Mobile Grooming. Michigan

I have been meaning to get ahold of you!  I have just been so busy!!  My trailer is perfect!!!!
-Jacquie, Pet Agree Mobile Grooming Spa. North Dakota

Yay!  Our inspector said the trailer was very well made / low risk, and that it had great attention to detail–it’s the truth!  Everything has been working great and we love the trailer!
-Hallie, Florrisant, CO

OK! I’ve got everything and it’s all running great! Pat was excellent to work with and the transaction went smoothly! Thank you so much!
-Jenni O, Denver, CO

Clearly, you are a man of your word when you speak about the quality of your work. Thank you for putting out great quality! High quality workmanship is a rare thing, and I highly value individuals who provide it.
-Richard Druce, Scottsdale, AZ

This trailer has outlasted all my friends’ grooming trailers. Well worth the investment!
-Aaron N, North Fort Myers, FL

We appreciate the open and regular communication from you!
-Shari M, Wilson, NC

YAY! I can see why everyone is so impressed with you! Thank you!
-Suzanne Heartwell, Spokane, WA

Patrick is the Leonardo da Vinci of grooming trailer building! Patrick applies the skills of pride, passion and perfection not normally seen in workmanship.
-Kelly T, Denver, CO

Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve only groomed two days out of it and I can already tell the difference between this one [GT Grooming Salon] and the last one [Gryphon Trailer]. You have a client for life! It was definitely worth the wait.
-Walter, Perfect Pups, OK

I’ve had three GTs in my own fleet over the last eighteen years. I’ve shopped every builder, and GT has designed and built the highest quality grooming trailer available. Other grooming trailers are “big” on the outside and “small” on the inside, but GTs are “small” on the outside and “big” on the inside! It’s genius! The build process was easy, and Patrick was always available for anything.
-Kim Morton, Littleton, CO

That personal attention, more than anything else, is what sold me on your amazing trailers. I love that they’re ergonomic, every inch matters, quality is unrivaled, and innovation and special touches make the difference. It’s amazing, when I shopped around, how many other vendors laugh at the idea of a smaller trailer and laud the value of an enormous, inefficient trailer. You cracked the code on the perfect size.
-Aaron T, San Antonio, TX