GT’s History (and Conversion!) Regarding Recirculating Bathing Systems

Even though every GT Bathing Center has been designed to easily accept recirculator bathers, we never thought recirculating pumps were a good idea. Our objection wasn’t about the concept; it was about what recirculator manufacturers provided. Until now, manufacturers priced their bathers obscenely high – at times with suggested retail prices of just under $900! The second problem is how they’ve been designed. It’s important to keep bathers clean, but until now, they’ve been too difficult to clean, which has created a “stinky” reputation for the concept.
Properly built recirculating bathers aren’t just “a pump and a hose;” there’s quite a bit more to it, but groomers are shocked at what a seemingly simply product can cost! This sort of shock has resulted in groomers building their own bathers, which has also damaged the recirculator concept because many home-built bathers aren’t properly protected from electrical shock. Another problem is that most home-built bathers are built on a strict budget. Instead of fabricating a proper filter, groomers have come up with cheaper solution such as slipping a “sock” (or nothing) around the pump as a filter. Needless to say, mildew and all kinds of nasty things collect, and what was initially meant to clean pets has turned into a nightmare.
Basically, the design of past bathers has discouraged groomers from properly cleaning them, and their high prices have encouraged groomers to build their own. Home-built bathers are normally built as “single” units, which means the investment to develop effective filters, filter mounts, and electrical components are often sacrificed; which all result in a more dirty and less safe bather.
GT solved the problem!
The GT Bath Buddy is up to hundreds of dollars cheaper than the competition* (some of the competition has cut their price by almost 50% over the last decade, which reveals how groomers have been gouged over the years) – and our quality and design, we believe, is superior to anything that has ever been on the market. The GT Bath Buddy is fairly priced, which makes it more accessible for most groomers.
The GT Bath Buddy is also designed for easy cleaning! Having built hundreds of grooming trailers over the years, and having talked with groomers who’ve owned bathers, we’ve learned that groomers don’t clean their bathers like they should. They don’t want to use tools to wash out the filter. The GT Bath Buddy requires no tools; you can remove the filter in seconds with your own fingers.
And since we built this game-changer, we went ahead and improved the concept even further! Instead of having exposed metal bolts on the base of the pump, we made sure that soft materials are all that ever comes in contact with your tubs. We also chose to add an additional “safety” and “tidiness” feature, which is an electrical box with eyelets so it can be easily mounted to a wall. This way, cords and tubes can be stored and arranged in a way that doesn’t resemble the “spaghetti monster” look that bathers are known for.
Groom on!

* Hanvey Bathing Beauty ™ : $599 as advertised on Hanvey website 03/07/17
* Oster Power Bather ™ : $699.99 as advertised on Oster website 03/07/17

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