GT Grooming Salons Pricing

Note: Most mobile groomers don’t need generators, but every GT is designed to work with or without one. We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of operating with or without a generator, and to help you choose the design that’s best for you.
IF YOU WANT A GENERATOR, a “standard” GT will still work! Every GT is pre-wired so you can easily add your own generator in the future! We also design our tongues so you can mount your own generator either on your trailer or in the back of your truck–standard. We still offer a generator option if you decide you need one. (Generator package prices include generator with shipping, rack fabrication and coating, upgraded Air Conditioner, parts for installation and installation. It’s not just a generator!).

Standard GT Grooming Trailer

GT Grooming Trailer Options

  • $5,999 Generator Package (IT’S NOT JUST A GENERATOR. 7,000 watt Honda + parts, fabrication, and installation). This package includes a larger air conditioner, and a 50-amp panel.
  • $499 Electric Fan Roof Vent (with needed parts and installation)
  • $189 Swing Jack (installed: welded, not bolted)
  • $499 Electric Tongue Jack (with needed parts and installation)
  • $549 Bath Buddy FREE IN ALL GTs after 10/05/18 or SOLD SEPARATELY
  • $190 Dark Grey Floor (standard is black)
  • Coming Soon! Collar Dryer (Great for drying collars after a good wash, and great as a a $5 add-on sale for your customers. Just think how quickly your revenues would add up!)


We can get your price lower by omitting items that many customers have decided to go without. We’re happy to discuss options with you!

– Prices subject to change without notice –



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