GT Grooming Salons Pricing

Note: Most mobile groomers don’t need generators, but every GT is designed to work with or without one. We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of operating with or without a generator, and to help you choose the generator that’s best for you.
IT’S NOT JUST A GENERATOR. If you insist on using a generator the cheapest and easiest way to incorporate one is to tow your trailer with a pickup truck. You can mount any generator in the back of your truck and run a 30-amp cord to your trailer. (Every GT is pre-wired for this arrangement.) If you still must have a generator mounted to your trailer, we offer two options. (Generator package prices include generator with shipping, rack fabrication and coating, parts for installation and installation. It’s not just a generator!).

Standard GT Grooming Trailer

GT Grooming Trailer Options

  • $1,790 Generator Package #1 (IT’S NOT JUST A GENERATOR. 4,750 watt Champion + parts, fabrication, and installation)
  • $6,490 Generator Package #3 (IT’S NOT JUST A GENERATOR. 7,000 watt Honda + parts, fabrication, and installation). This package includes a larger air conditioner, 50-amp panel and an extended trailer tongue to accommodate the generator’s larger size.
  • $490 Electric Fan Roof Vent (with needed parts and installation)
  • $190 Swing Jack (installed: welded, not bolted)
  • $490 Electric Tongue Jack (with needed parts and installation)
  • $499 Bath Buddy STANDARD IN ALL GTs after 10/05/18 or SOLD SEPARATELY


We can get your price lower by omitting items that many customers have decided to go without. We’re happy to discuss options with you!

– Prices subject to change without notice –



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