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Note: Most mobile groomers don’t need generators, but every GT is designed to work with or without one. We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of operating with or without a generator, and to help you choose the generator that’s best for you.
The cheapest and easiest way to incorporate a generator into your grooming trailer is to tow your trailer with a pickup truck. You can mount any generator in the back of your truck and run a 30-amp cord to your trailer. (Every GT is pre-wired for this arrangement.) If you still must have a generator mounted to your trailer, we offer two options. (Generator package prices include generator, rack fabrication and powder coating, parts for installation and installation).

Standard GT Grooming Trailer

FREE Bath Buddy on trailer orders placed before May 31st! Deposit must be received by 05/31/17. (Bath Buddies purchased with trailers will utilize the trailer’s built-in GFI instead of utilizing a GFI built into the bather. It is intended to be a permanent piece of equipment.)

GT Grooming Trailer Options

*We can get your price lower by omitting items that many customers have decided to go without. We’re happy to discuss options with you!

– Prices subject to change without notice –

Other Products (FREE SHIPPING – 48 states)

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