GT Purchase Process

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– GT Grooming Trailer Purchase Process –

GT Grooming Salons typically completes builds in 90 days. Some builds might take longer if our shell manufacturer runs behind schedule.

We keep you posted and up-to-date on everything during the course of your salon’s build, and you’re welcome to inquire about your build as often as you’d like. You’re even welcome to visit us at our home shop or our metal shop!

Your trailer will be presented with title and a temporary tag.


1) (IMPORTANT) If you use a lender, you will need to explain that our trailers are custom built. The VIN and MSO will not exist until the order is funded and placed. We will provide the VIN approximately ten days after the deposit is paid, and the MSO will be given to the purchaser at delivery.

2) We don’t work with leasing companies that pretend to be “finance” companies.

2) The longest part of the build is the manufacturing of the shell, and GT cannot speed up the manufacturer’s process; and GT’s delivery date is dependent on the manufacturer. Therefore, if the manufacturer is running behind, it will effect GT’s schedule and GT is not responsible for that delay.