Salon Warranty

One-Year Limited Warranty on GT Grooming Trailer
The conversion work performed by GT Grooming Salons (GT) is covered for one year from the date of delivery for the original purchaser. Warranty is not transferable. Excluded from the warranty are the trailer shell and all equipment covered by warranties provided by equipment manufacturers. The shell manufacturer offers its own warranty.
GT is not responsible for claims relating to:
1) Defacing: scratches, dents, chips, tears, and defacing on any surface not caused by GT. Note: Salons are hand-made, and because of the process involved with building the salon and fabricating stainless steel components, items may have reasonable light scratches on surfaces.
2) Routine maintenance
3) Damage from unauthorized repairs
4) Damage to the trailer or primary vehicle caused by improper towing
5) Components covered by separate supplier warranties. Such items include the shell, vacs, dryer, air conditioners, etc. Warranty cards for such items will be given to GT’s customer at time of delivery. Warranty for the trailer shell will have already been sent to the manufacturer if not given directly to the GT customer. GT reserves the right of final determination if the salon has been abused or misused by purchaser.
GT’s obligation
GT shall remedy defects in materials and workmanship caused by GT by repair, replacement, or refund. GT may, as its option, select a qualified location for repairs to be completed. GT will not be obligated in any way to pay for repairs made without specific approval.
Purchaser’s obligation
Purchaser must notify GT of any defect within fifteen days after it is, or should have been, discovered. Customer is responsible for all towing or transportation costs incurred to obtain warranty service.
Disclaimer of consequential and incidental charges
Purchaser is not entitled to recover from GT any consequential or incidental damages resulting from any defect of the salon. Damages include lose of trailer use, loss of revenues, loss of time, or any other commercial loss.
Design changes
GT reserves the right to change the design of its products from time to time without notice and with no obligation to make corresponding changes to previously manufactured products. Products will be outfitted as advertised on the date of the purchase agreement.
…in real language
Our reputation is very important to us. In most cases, GT goes the extra mile and we always give our customers the benefit of the doubt. Our typical protocol is to simply overnight needed parts to our customers, or help find a qualified service center near them.
Most problems/repairs with the GT salon fall into two categories:
1) Freezing pumps: If the trailer is left with no heat in freezing temperatures, the water in the plumbing components may freeze. Most of the time this doesn’t damage the parts, but sometimes it does. At your orientation GT will show you how to keep your plumbing components from freezing. Almost always, a frozen pump is the result of simply forgetting to turn on a heater at night – it happens to the best of us. Most repairs are cheap and easy to fix, and we usually have plenty of plumbing parts in stock for speedy overnight deliveries.
2) Generators: Generators have a lot of moving parts and require upkeep. Nearly all repairs needed on a GT salon are related to the generator. Our generator manufacturers provide their own warranties. Keep in mind that even if your generator is out of commission for repairs, you can still operate your salon by plugging your trailer into your customers’ homes.
Even if a product is not GT’s obligation, it is smart to call us. We deal with vendors regularly and may be able to expedite your claim for you. We may even have an item in stock and determine that it’s easiest to simply overnight you a part and take over the responsibility of negotiating your claim for you; it all depends on the part and the details. Bottom line: we usually extend ourselves further than obligated – our reputation relies on it!