Standard Features

STANDARD (as seen in home page video)

grooming trailerWe’ve been doing this for a long time, we’ve built hundreds of grooming trailers, and we know the industry very well. We have an exclusive arrangement and a proprietary shell design with the best manufacturer in the country, and we are the only metal fabricators in the industry and professional groomers in the country. In other words, nobody can replicate our quality. Once the shell is built to our demanding specifications, we turn it into the best mobile grooming salon on the market.

About a dozen trailer colors to choose from (a few rare colors have added cost)

All salons now have smooth exterior and interior walls (very few screws).

Our interiors are the sleekest and easiest to clean in the industry. The walls are smooth, there is no wood that can rot, no hinged cabinet doors to fall apart, and joints are sealed between materials.

mobile-grooming-storage Our standard grooming trailer is a “shor-line” design. That means the electricity needed to run some of the GT’s items is provided by plugging an extension cord into your customers’ home, and some of the GT’s items are powered by a 12-volt battery that charges when you drive (just like with your car). If you choose to purchase our generator package, you will still have the ability to use either the generator or the extension cord to power your trailer. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each option with you.

The 12-volt battery is a high-quality sealed glass battery. It doesn’t vent hydrogen, it doesn’t require distilled water, and it is so safe that it can even be turned upside-down (not that you would!). We protect each circuit with dedicated fuses.

The GT’s bathing center is an exclusive 16-gauge stainless steel design. We fabricate our own stainless steel pieces, and that allows us to create the design that we want (not forced to accept by purchasing pre-built equipment), which maximizes every inch in and around the unit for optimal use. The dirty towel bin is on the right of the tub, and above the tub is a shelf that is designed to hold a tremendous amount of shampoos and supplies; it is sized to secure standard 1-gallon shampoo bottles perfectly. The steel we use to build our bathing centers is twice as thick as most grooming tubs, is fully welded, and requires no caulk to attract mildew.

mobile-dog-trailer-shampoo The pump and sprayer combination we use is so strong, it doesn’t wash dogs from the top down; it washes from the skin up. When high-pressure water is against the pet’s skin, dirt and grime is literally lifted out of the coat.

Stainless steel tub rack in the bottom of the tub to keep pets out of their dirty bath water

Electric brakes on every axle. If you choose not to use a break controller your GT will simply coast. (Note: some states require brakes on commercial trailers)

Rapid recovery propane hot water heater framed (with steel) on the side of the trailer

Four restraining eyelets on the back of the tub

Water level indicator on the face of the tub

55-gallon fresh water tank, 35-gallon dirty water tank

Water fill port is located on the back exterior of the trailer; our design allows you to accomplish your daily routine without ever needing to access the mechanical compartment behind and under the bathing center.

grooming-trailer-design The tool cache is mounted on the right (not wrong, not left, not behind) side of the grooming table. It houses a tool caddy, canisters to hold clippers / bottles, and has a padded ledge to keep items handy (and safe) during the grooming process.

Plenty of storage for towels, clippers, and everything else you need to run a successful business

The tool caddy is removable if you choose to have multiple groomers / employees.

Wet / dry vacuum, trash bin, paper towel holder, and all those little items that make the job easier

Highest quality roof-top air conditioner (not an “apartment window” air conditioner)

grooming-trailers-window The upper tool cache houses a high-velocity dryer and provides plenty of storage options.

30” wide window on curb-side

High quality hydraulic grooming table with sealed top

Behind the table is a stainless steel backsplash with a pet restraining system. We prefer restrainers over “grooming arms” for many reasons, but if you prefer to use a grooming arm the table can accommodate most models.

grooming-pet-tub-ramp There is no need for a “tub ramp”; the hydraulic table lifts the dog to within one foot of the tub.

There is no “plywood” in any part of the trailer. The floor is made of a material called Advantech®, which is much more water-resistant.

gt-grooming-salons The floor is sprayed with about $1,000 of black urethane (rubber), is applied about six inches up the wall, and is completely sealed. GT goes the extra mile by undercoating the floor as well. Basically, nobody in the industry puts as much work and dollars into assuring groomers that the floor will not rot. We even protect the mechanical compartment in the same way.

We don’t “frame” the cabinets or bathing center with lumber; we don’t use wood at all! We are obsessed with quality. All of our large items are stainless steel, and our large pieces of equipment are mounted interiorly to the trailer’s framing.

The trailer’s tongue (the bars that connect to the back of your truck) are beefed up specifically for GT. They are made of thick ¼” tubes. This ensures a long life and gives you the capability of safely welding or bolting options to it without compromising strength.

Groom-Plumbing Our mechanical compartment is unique to the industry; it’s actually thought out! It’s about half the size of others in the industry. This allows a larger work space than even some of the competitions’ larger trailers. We can do this because we are metal fabricators, and we use custom formed water tanks. The water lines are hard-plumbed, and are designed to not freeze in the winter months.

GT Grooming Trailer The back side of the trailer has a single custom hatch with pneumatic actuators and a custom recessed license plate holder with LED lights. This allows a huge amount of valuable real estate for signage on the most important part of the trailer.

Insulation in the ceiling, walls, side door, and even the hatch to the mechanical compartment. We live in Denver, Colorado; we know how to keep grooming trailers from freezing. There are a couple other proprietary design features that help keep your trailer plumbing from freezing as well.

All lights – interior and exterior – are upgraded to LEDs.

The side door is a custom-built 26” wide camper style door, and has a high quality hinge (not a “cargo” door / hinge). If desired, we can outfit it with a numeric keypad entry (ask for details).

For those of you who are familiar with what the industry has labeled a “recirculator” (GT does not endorse the concept, but we understand many people prefer it), the tub is designed to accommodate you with a space over the drain and next to the tub rack to place your pump. There is a protected GFI outlet and a dedicated on / off switch for the outlet just to the left of the bathing center.

grooming trailer roof vent Powered fan / roof vent above bathing center to vent humidity

Additional roof vent (skylight) above table

GT offers a 1-year warranty on all of our work. The shell manufacturer offers a 1-3-year warranty depending on component. Some items used in the conversion of the trailer (such as the air conditioner) have their own warranties and GT is not responsible for those warranties. However, we are happy to assist you in handling any such claim.

You can literally start grooming the day you receive your trailer! All you need to supply are your personal effects like towels, clippers, loops, cord, etc.