Standard GT Grooming Trailer Benefits

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GT invented what has become the industry’s expected grooming trailer floor plan arrangement, but nobody has been able to duplicate our quality and engineering, which is why GT offers more workspace than any other trailer of its size (and some larger ones). Nobody matches our quality. Period! Learn why!

The GT Difference –


We’re mobile groomers. We’re builders, we’re artists, we’re designers, and we love what we do! We create our own large stainless steel and aluminum pieces, which allows us to use an overall smaller trailer shell and still provide as much workspace as a larger trailer. This is because we can maximize every inch of the mechanical compartment. (The competition* is simply “stuck” with using wood, hardware store tubs, and particle board cabinets.)

Pet Bathing System FREE Bath Buddy Bathing System — $499 value! (Orders after 10/05/18)

The standard GT salon is a “shor-line” design. That means the power needed to operate the trailer is from your customer’s home. You simply plug an extension cord from their home to your trailer. (Generator designs are available)

Exclusive reinforced trailer frame with ¼” thick tongue tubes (for safe future modifications. We don’t convert “corner lot” trailers.)

ultra-light-propane-system Lockable 11 lb. propane bottle mounted inside the tongue (enough to last up to a week in the winter, even when the hot water heater is left on continuously)

Custom aluminum lockable and easy-to-use propane bottle holder

Smooth exterior and interior walls

30-mill aluminum skin (50% thicker than most of the competitions’* 20-mill skin) Thicker skin reduces the “wavy” or “loose” look that cheaper trailers have. As an option for only white or black skin choices, we’re able to install “bulletproof” 40-mill skin! (Twice as thick as the competition*. Add $350)

Custom purpose-built 26″ door (The competition* converts “cargo” trailers; we build grooming trailers.)

License plate holder with  sunken light

Build a


Industry-only symmetrical design for the rear of the trailer (It’s expensive to build a trailer like this; that’s why the competition* doesn’t, but it’s important. There just isn’t enough structural integrity in trailers that have large swing doors, and saving money up front ends up in a trailer with broken welds later on.)

Upgraded jack (side-wind instead of top-wind)

Upgraded torsion suspension (The competition* uses leaf springs.)

Upgraded exterior LED lights (The competition* uses cheap bulbs)

Upgraded low-profile interior LED lights

DOT compliant and CSA (Canadian) compliance on light placement and wiring

Upgraded Advantech® sub-floor (The competition* uses pressure-treated / “wolmanized®” wood, which exfoliates, is not as water-resistant, and gasses dangerous chemicals that require warnings from manufacturers to state that their trailers aren’t safe as living quarters.)

gt-grooming-trailer.jpg Undercoated floor (GT is the only converter that uses Advantech® for the sub-floor, that undercoats the subfloor, and that seals the top of the sub-floor with urethane.)

Our “optional floor drains” are now a standard feature! Two stainless steel floor drains on each side of the bathing center makes for easy deep cleaning and helps drain water that inevitably spills out of the tub from larger dogs.

Floor is completely sealed 6″ up the walls; you can even hose the floor out for deep cleaning! It costs about $1,000 to make sure the floor remains waterproof, but it’s extremely important! (The competition* covers the floor with a cheap layer of vinyl and applies silicone where the floor meets the walls, which can never provide a true waterproof floor.)

Two vented skylights

Highest quality RV air conditioner (The competition* uses “apartment window” air conditioners that require you to open your “back doors” so they can vent. High quality units are listed as “options”.)

Insulated walls, ceiling, access panel, and door (The competition* offers insulation as an option.)

Nitro-filled tires with shiny wheel caps

mobile-grooming-recirculator-bather 30-amp marine-style electrical inlet on the curb-side of your salon with an adapter to work with a standard extension cord

Electric brakes. If your primary vehicle doesn’t have a speed controller, your trailer will simply coast. (Note: Some states require brakes on commercial trailers.)

High quality AGM battery (The competition* uses cheaper batteries that vent hydrogen, are often placed near electrical circuits, and are supposed to be – yet rarely are – vented to the exterior of the trailer.)

No visible junction boxes

Dedicated fuses for all 12-volt circuits

Integrated battery charging system from your primary vehicle

Rapid recovery auto-ignition propane hot water heater with no pilot light and anode rod to maintain (The competition* uses electric water heaters, which require massive generators and can’t be left on during cold nights to keep plumbing components from freezing.)

Additional proprietary anti-freezing features

mobile-grooming-employees Only 5” behind the bathing center for mechanical components (The competition* requires between two and four feet, which forces them to use larger trailers, but have the same amount of workspace as a GT.)

Custom formed 55-gallon fresh water tank and 35-gallon dirty water tank

Exterior water-fill port

Exterior dirty-water dump

Interior water level indicator

There’s no reason to ever open the mechanical area other than for maintenance or repairs (The competition* requires you to open the mechanical area to perform your daily routine.)


Safe electrical design (The competition* places unprotected high-voltage appliances and outlets under water sources, under their “apartment window” air conditioners; installs water appliances directly over unprotected batteries, mounts spark-ignition appliances adjacent to unprotected hydrogen-venting batteries, etc. This is mostly an unregulated industry, and some of the designs that have popped up over the last decade are terrifying. For example, read the entries from these BBB-sourced reviews.)

Powerful water pump, heavy-duty faucet, and adjustable sprayer

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0753.Thick, fully welded 16-gauge stainless steel bathing center (Some of the competitions’* “stainless steel” tubs are so thin they cannot be fully welded, and they require “silver caulk” to provide water-tightness.)

Full-height tub backsplash (The competition* uses hardware store bathtubs that have no backsplash, or they place a “cabinet door” behind the tub that gets wet, which means you can’t open it when a dog is in it!)

Four tub restraint eyelets

Stainless steel tub rack to keep pets elevated over their bath water

The bathing center is equipped to accommodate groomers who enjoy using high pressure recirculator bathers. We leave enough space next to the tub rack to work with most brands. (The optional GT Bath Buddy recirculator is built specifically for the GT Trailer)

Integrated clean towel tower

Integrated dirty towel bin on the right side of the tub

Integrated large sunken storage bin above the tub that holds a tremendous amount of supplies (sized to perfectly hold standard 1-gallon bottles)

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0722.Integrated “small item” rack on the right side of the tub

Hydraulic grooming table (brand dependent on availability and current quality of what is available)

Backsplash behind the table (The competition* places a window behind the table, which gets wet with condensation, which gets dogs wet while you’re grooming them, and gives dogs something to get distracted by and make your job more difficult.)

Our design allows you to actually see the dog’s profile instead of whatever is through a window, which allows you to provide a better grooming service.

Wall-mounted restraint system so you don’t need to use the dreaded grooming arm ever again!

Paper towel holder

Removable tool caddy (Great for businesses with multiple employees)

grooming trailer design.jpgThree stainless steel storage canisters for clippers and sprays

Protective padded rubber work shelf to place tools during grooming (No more chipped blades!)

⊕ There is no “set up” when you arrive at your customer’s home because GT’s storage solutions are actually designed for groomers. Most GT owners keep their clippers in the stainless steel canisters just to the right of the table, and their scissors and other essentials are quickly accessible in the canisters and tool caddy. (The competition* has either nothing to the right of the table, or has “kitchen cabinetes” that force you to arrange your tools before each job, slow you down, and make your job less enjoyable.)

The work area is designed so that clipper cords and dryer hoses are never strung in the way of your work (The competition*, apparently, has never thought about that.)

Stainless steel shelf over tool caddy

Scissor holder

Three-tiered bin under the window

Blade holder inside the tool caddy

High velocity dryer

Clipper Vac®-capable design with electrical outlet and floor stops; just let us know what you want! (Clipper Vac® sold through Romani, inc. The “Tote” fits best, but the “Mini” will work)

Wet / dry vac with wide accordion-style hose that reaches the entire work space (The competition* uses vacs that have narrow hoses, which get clogged and are often mounted in the mechanical compartment; which means you must exit your trailer to unclog them and empty it every day.)

grooming-pet-tub-rampWe purposefully avoid using hinged cabinetry. History has proved that hinged doors in a mobile grooming environment fall apart, impede quick and easy access to supplies, and simply get in the way because of how they require arcs to open.

“Dry-erase” style, easy-to-clean interior walls and ceiling

Everything we build for the conversion is made from either stainless steel, aluminum, or powder coated steel. (The competition* uses wood.)

GT offers a 1-year warranty on all of our work. The shell manufacturer offers a 1-3-year warranty depending on component. Some items used in the conversion of the trailer (such as the air conditioner) have their own warranties and GT is not responsible for those warranties. However, we are happy to assist you in handling any such claim.

You can literally start grooming the day you receive your trailer! All you need to supply are your personal effects like towels, clippers, loops, cord, etc.

* “The competition” is the general quality and features of most grooming trailer converters who build salons that, basically, all look alike, are built alike, and are clearly built as cheaply as possible. (Each individual item may vary from builder to builder.) All of which is obvious when you shop online for grooming trailers.

– Sleek, simple, GT –